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General Tips for cheap eats in Barcelona

Generally, you never need to spend more than €15 - €25 (per person) for a decent meal with 1 or 2 (alcoholic) drinks. Anything more is above average. 

Menu del Dia: 3 course lunch for €13 (drink included!)

On weekdays, between 1pm and 4pm almost every local bar in Barcelona serves a "Menu del Dia",  a three course meal that includes a drink (beer or wine too!), between €11-€15.

Small plates (tapas) as a meal

Tapas are served at virtually any bar and typically cost between €3-€10 euros each (depending on what they consist of). 

For 2 people, 3 - 5 Basic tapas should be enough as a meal replacement. With a drink (or two) each that typically comes out around €15 per person.

"Pinxos" or "Pinchos"

Pinchos are slices of french bread with all sorts of different types of toppings, from fish to meat to omelets. 

They're "served" ready made, waiting for you on the bar. Then you take a little plate and grab the ones that look good. Like a finger-food buffet! But better.

Search "pinchos/pinxos" on Google Maps or go to "Carrer Blai", a street famous for having mainly pincho bars.

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