Spanish civil war Follow up recommendations

If you would like to dive deeper into the Spanish Civil War here is a list of places, movies, documentaries, books and podcasts and  for you to start with.

Other places in Barcelona:

Refugi 307 : Guided tour of bomb shelter tunnels. You can only visit it on Sundays at 11am, always with guide. Or book with a group during the week.

Fossar de la Pedrera: Cemetery (mass grave) and memorial site for the victims of Franco's terror. You can visit any day by yourself between 9am and 5pm, but need to take a taxi or bicycle to get there.

La Rosa de Foc : Local CNT offices and anarchist bookshop where you can find reprints of Spanish Civil War posters



You can also find it on Youtube here:

The Truth About Franco Spains Forgotten Dictatorship



5 parts: Real Dictators : Francisco Franco

2 parts: Dictators: Francisco Franco (parcast)

18 parts: The Iberian Knot - A History of the Spanish Civil War 

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