About Us

The word "nostos"

A hero's journey

"Nostos" is a feeling of longing while you travel and learn about the world on your way back home. It is a literary concept from Homer's Odyssey, a homeward journey of adventure, challenge and exploration.

A collective of guides

We are a small group of experienced, professional tour guides in Barcelona. With our unique tours and a passion for history, culture and storytelling we will show you Barcelona in a different way.

ONNO SChoemaker

Hi there I'm Onno! Originally I'm from Amsterdam, but have been a tour guide in different cities for over 10 years. From Amsterdam to Paris and now settling down in Barcelona.

On my tours I focus on clear and concise storytelling, to capture the essence of the subject in the most understandable way.

Yannis Filippou

Yannis Filippou, is a history and philosophy teacher from the island of Crete in Southern Greece and has been leading tours since  2016. 

 His pasionate storystelling style reflects his deep interests for history, art and sociopolitical issues.