Paella Recommendations

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Recommendations for Paella in Barcelona


Typically between €16 and €30 per person for the dish itself, Paella is relatively expensive (for Spanish standards). Including drinks/appetizers/deserts and you're often looking at €40-€50 pp. Most restaurants only serve it in 2 person orders.

Authentic Paella

One of the more authentic ways of "doing paella" are the"Paella cooking classes" you'll find online. In restaurants Paella's are usually partly prepared beforehand to speed up preparation and you don't get the iconic giant pan. 

The group setting of these cooking classes and seeing it being prepared fresh, right in front of you really adds to the experience. For Spaniards paella is usually an all-afternoon-thing with friends or family, kind of like a barbecue, where the time spent with others is almost as important as the meal itself. 

I have personally done this one and it was really fun and very tasty. You go to the market first to buy the fresh ingredients and then learn how to cook it. You get tapas as well and "all you can drink" (within reason) beverages (wine/beer/sangria/soda), very very good value. 

Paella Restaurants I've been to and recommend: